Our main focused is in Airport Handling and Airline Services

We also provide custom apps such as desktop application and mobile.

IBS iCargo

IBS iCargo offer cargo management solutions with real time freight demands and ensure that their cargo makes it to the right place at the right time.

  • Fully capable of supporting new and emerging industry best practices such as e-freight/e-AWB and Cargo 2000 quality management processes
  • Enabler for technology driven business innovation such as enterprise mobility, electronic workflow enablement, real time shipment monitoring and so on, leading to better productivity and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced cost of system ownership and service operation, supporting both ASP and in-house modes of system operation
  • New generation design that also employs modern, yet mature technologies in line with industry trends, to improve product shelf-life and to take advantage of on-going technological developments
  • Fully web enabled and browser based client for easy deployment, accessibility and maintenance requirements
  • Proven system developed for the industry in collaboration with six leading airlines forming the Core Group of Influence (CGI)

IBS iAirport Solution

IBS iAirport offer integration management platform from freight system to terminal operations, that aimed at driving efficiencies, bringing down costs, generating new business, and elevating user experience.

  • Centralized Database

Acts as a common, shared infrastructure which supports and integrates a range of application modules in the airport and has a central database that allows real-time data visualization and historical comparison. It supports a variety of protocol stacks enabling seamless integration with third party systems.

  • Billing Management

Cost effective billing management solution makes airline billing easy with the accurate data about usage of airport resources. A state-of-the-art validation engine assists the users in identifying and correcting erroneous billing data.

  • Resource Utilization

Effective resource management is a comprehensive resource management solution that enables airports to effectively utilize its Terminals, Runways, Gates, Stands, Check-in desks and Baggage reclaims. It automates resource allocation at the planned times and maximizes efficiency for airport resources.

  • Messaging Broker

Messaging broker ensures hassle free decoding of electronic messages from airlines and other airport stakeholders with minimal manual intervention. It is an intelligent, dynamic message mask that allows the user to add new message types or amend existing ones with ease.

  • ACDM

Provides accurate flight turn around projections and estimated times that improves collaboration between airports to maximize capacity and reduce emission and operating costs. It provides improved situational awareness through the iAirport alerts / prompts