Our main focused is in Airport Handling and Airline Services

We also provide custom apps such as desktop application and mobile.


We provide automation weighing data capture with CFOR with several features such as:

  • Online Data Receive from Weighing Scales in Kgs/Lbs
  • Completely accurate as shown on Scale display
  • Stabilized connection using RS232/RS485 communication port and UTP cable data Categories 5 or 6 user chose
C For Cargo

Air Cargo Setup Ready

  • Air Waybill input with IATA standard length’s with Check digit assessment process
  • Detail data with Dimension calculation on each pieces and partial weighing capability input
  • Weighing slip output with own format design and print out to all printer types most known in the market

Touch Screen Input Correction

  • Touch Screen technology is easy use for input data action and or correction operation/li>
  • Enchantments to receive data from FBL/FSU BKD air cargo data format for more comprehensive Cargo operational reports