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Elenium BagDrop

Elenium BagDrop

Elenium BagDrop is one of Elenium products that offer fully automatically baggage drop with advanced camera technology it makes Elenium BagDrop become the fastest read rates in the industry.

Elenium BagDrop Features

  • Adaptable to any form factor
  • Comes as Retrofit, Greenfield and Hybrid
  • Advanced camera technology gets the fastest read rates in the industry
  • 97% first time read rates your passengers want to do things once only
  • CUSS platform supported by the largest cloud infrastructure on Earth
  • Remote monitoring and management solution solves problems before they occur
  • A mix of technology and aviation experts who listen, learn and adapt to help you meet your goals

Competing vs Elenium BagDrop camera system field of view Competing vs Elenium BagDrop camera system field of view

  • Bag Tag recognition system operates at a 97% success rate (independently proven)
  • It achieves this impressive performance by using cameras that zoom and focus to find the bag tag barcode in milliseconds irrespective of the bag's placement.
  • Competing systems can only read bag tags in a two dimensional line of sight