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Type B messaging is still the most common method of exchanging messages in the air transport industry (ATI). Although costly, the Type B networks continue to be the only networks which interconnect all participants in the industry. In an attempt to reduce the cost of Type B messaging, many industry participants have made bilateral agreements with the participant to whom they send most messages. Although these agreements do remove the cost of the actual transmission between the two parties, they still carry both direct and indirect costs in the form of leased lines between the parties, the management of VPN tunnels, message switching software, etc, as well as the support of these individual connections usually with varying communication protocols and security setups. More importantly, as these agreements are only bilateral, they are usually only in place between parties exchanging large quantities of messages.

EDIfly service can be regarded as a toll bypass solution that allows users of Type B and Type X messaging to send messages securely and reliably over the public internet. The service has been specifically designed to allow a seamless, secure, reliable and backwards compatible exchange of standard Type B and Type X over the internet between any members of the EDIfly service. This means that anyone who joins the EDIfly service will automatically start communicating with any other EDIfly user using the internet rather than the Type B or Type X network. Equally, as new members join the service, the existing members will automatically start to use the EDIfly service to exchange messages with the new members. The net effect is that all members will save money on transmission charges as the EDIfly network grows. The EDIfly service can also be used to eliminate the cost and complexity of bilateral message exchange setups.

How it Works