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CEO Notes

Tjutjuk Septiadi

"From a small implementation with the leading independent ground handling company PT JAS in 2013, our team quickly moved on with a major project at Garuda Indonesia, where we replaced the costly internal message switch running on an IBM mainframe. From closing the tender to cutover took just 1 month using the robust EDIfly technology based on standard components. Great support when developing new connectivity options. Thanks to its flexible design, the majority of the large airlines in our country use EDIfly, as do all ground handling networks, several airports, and government agencies in immigration and customs. Lately, we have integrated with all-cargo airlines who do not use SITA at all. EDIfly’s no-nonsense approach helped our customers reach their commercial objectives. EDIfly offers more options and free transmission than any other industry solution – without a message lost since we started. 10 years is only the beginning!"